Long Island

Our Story

‚ÄčLong Island ABA was started by a husband and wife team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Richard and Misty Jones have been working in the field of ABA since 1998. In that time, they have worked with a wide array of learners and have been successful in treating very challenging behaviors as well as helping older learners acquire language. In 2008, Richard and Misty moved their practice from Santa Monica, CA to Great Neck, NY. In 2014, the Jones' were asked to offer a Fellowship through Queens College's Masters in ABA program in order to help train the next generation of BCBA's. They are both passionate about helping children gain the skills they need to be independent and successful. Richard completed his intensive practicum under the direction of Dr. Leasha Barry PhD BCBA-D LBA, and was supervised by Dr. Barbara Endlich Psy.D BCBA-D. Misty completed her fieldwork under the supervision of Dr. Micheal Marroquin PhD BCBA-D.

Our Staff

Kathryn Daly, MA, LBA, BCBA assistant clinical director

Katie is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Licensed to practice in NYS. Katie has both her undergraduate and masters degrees in Applied Behavior Analysis. She received her undergraduate degree from Binghamton University, and her masters degree from Queens College. As an undergraduate, Katie worked in Dr. Ray Romanczyk's lab which focuses on the assessment and treatment of childhood disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder. At Long Island ABA, Katie consults in local schools, trains and supervises a team of ABA therapists, and conducts parent training.

Magdalena Bukala, MS, LBA, BCBA supervisor

Magdalena is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, licensed to practice in NYS. Magdalena has a masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Queens College, is a published author in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA), and has presented her research at ABAI, the international ABA convention. Magdalena provides behavioral consultation with local school districts, provides parent training and supervises ABA home programs.

Catherine Jessel, MS, LBA, BCBA supervisor

Catherine is a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst with limited license to practice in NYS. Catherine has a masters degree in Behavior Analysis from University of North Texas (UNT), where she completed her intensive practicum at the Denton State Supported Living Center in their medical and dental desensitization clinics and functional analysis clinic. Catherine completed an internship as a Research Assistant on a grant-funded project and conducted her thesis with Dr. Manish Vaidya, PhD. She completed the remainder of her fieldwork at the Child Study Center under supervision of Dr. Einar Ingvarsson PhD BCBA-D, Rachel Kramer, MS BCBA, and Jessica Doucette, MS BCBA. Catherine is a published author in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (JABA) and Behavioral Interventions. At Long Island ABA, Catherine consults in local schools, supervises home services, trains ABA therapists, and provides parent training.

Our Therapists

Long Island ABA employs approximately 30 Behavior Therapists. All of our therapists are employees of the agency, as we do not employ independent contractors. Our therapists have varied experience and background in the fields of Special Education, Applied Behavior Analysis, Human Development, and Psychology. Each therapist is required to complete an intensive initial training, as well as receive ongoing oversight and training from at least one of our supervisors. Therapists are regularly observed in session, and videotaped for later review and analysis, thus ensuring our interventions are implemented as intended.

Queens College Fellowship

Long Island ABA was proud to partner with Queens College in 2014 to provide a Fellowship Program for Masters in ABA students. Our Fellowship provides QC Masters students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field as well as receive supervision and research opportunities.